There ARE Angels Among Us

By Janet Jackson, RMT, Angel Practitioner

Everyone can benefit from working with angels to help our lives run more smoothly. We all have “bumps” in the road that can make us feel lost or out of balance. Angels can help us, not only when we are in a crisis, but every day – in every way.

I am not writing this article to give you a technical description of Angels or their history or theory. This article is intended to remind you of all the different ways the Angels can help you, and to show you that you are never alone, that there is always help out there for you.

You already knew all this before your soul came to Earth. However, sometimes, through our lives, we forget about our Divine ‘roots’. We forget about all the wonderful gifts we have – we have forgotten to utilize them.

I have been working with Angels for Guidance and Assistance for a number of years and I have found them to be so helpful and comforting in my time of need. I started working the most with angels after reading Doreen Virtue’s Book “Divine Prescriptions”. Then I started researching the work of Janey Howard Feldman; “Commune with Angels”. Some of the information I teach in my Angel classes is derived from those books and I highly recommend them.

Once I set my intention to start working with Angels, I not only received proof of their existence, but I am continuously blessed and amazed by their abundant assistance in my every day life. Angels can also assist us in manifesting our desires.

According to communications with Angels, Doreen Virtue tells us that the Angels are there for us to help our lives run smoother because when our lives run smoother, we don’t have to get bogged down with everything and we have more freedom to fulfill our mission in life. We all came here to Earth to complete a special mission.

The Angels want to help clear our path of all the daily bothersome stuff so we can get busy fulfilling our mission! They will even help us with our mission. It does not matter about the SIZE of the problem. Size does not matter – whether you are asking for a life and death miracle or a small favor, whether you are asking for a healing from an addiction, or for a convenient parking place. To the angels, all that’s important is that you receive the support you need with all your difficulties so you can be freed of other concerns to work on fulfilling your life’s mission.

Janey Howard says “the measure of help you can get from Heaven is limited only by the size of the cup you hold to be filled”. I used to think – Oh, I don’t want to bother anyone with my little problems – I’ll handle them all myself. I can do it all. I will just ask for help when things are really bad. What a silly girl I was! I could have had my cup overfilled with angel blessings the whole time!

Working with the Angels is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give to yourself. There are angels for every purpose (Angels for strength, healing, romance, real estate, finances, etc.) Angels are always waiting for you to ask for their guidance and assistance. We are all born with Guardian Angels. Some of these Angels stay with you for your entire life. Sometimes, you are given additional guides throughout your life, depending on your particular individual needs at that time. For example, during a hardship or crisis in your life, during times of transition (when you are changing your vocational path or spiritual path.)

Angels are assistants, mediators, comforters, messengers, protectors, nurturers. We don’t worship Angels, we talk to them and ask for their assistance and guidance. You can pray with the Angels too. They are a messenger service for quick delivery of your prayers to Heaven. However, they cannot always intervene in our lives unless we ask them for help — because of free will. They do not violate the law of free will. They would perhaps, help you if you were about to get into an accident and it was not your time to die (sometimes referred to as “Divine Intervention”). This means that we have a choice to use our own free will in our lives. We choose whether we want to do it all alone and be independent or ask for some help from God, the Angels, and many other Divine Beings. In other words, if we want help, we should just simply ASK FOR IT.

The important thing to remember is to PAY ATTENTION. Once you connect with your angels, you must open your ears if you wish to hear them. That is why it is good to spend a little time each day in silence. Even if it is only 10 minutes before you go to bed at night. Set time aside each day. There is a difference between prayer and meditation. Prayer is conversation with the heavenly beings whereas meditation is an attempt to hear the answer (listen).

HOWEVER, you do not need to be in a meditative state to connect with them. Just ASK for help ! You can want their help all day long but you may not get it until you consciously ask for help explicitly. Don’t think to yourself “well they already know what I want or need.” That may be true but they do not violate the law of Free will. You do not have to worry about “saying the right words” or a special invocation to get assistance. Just the word “help” or the thought “help” or a vision. Just be yourself!

They will only help you if you are acting out of love and kindness. You would not ask them for help to “Make someone love you” – Because in that case, you would be acting against someone’s free will”. The angels do not help with any discordant deeds or deeds of darkness. All their assistance comes from a place of love and highest integrity.

You do not need special talents or abilities to hear the guidance of the angels. We all have the abilities to not only listen and hear the guidance of the angels, but also our own inner guidance.

I recommend inviting the Divine Angelic realms into your life by setting your intention to do so. Then, start to really pay attention to little signs that you receive from the Angels. They will let you know they are working in your life.

We may not always receive what we ask for in the way we think we should be receiving it. Sometimes we get little gifts in disguise. Sometimes, we have life lessons to learn before we are ready to receive certain blessings. Embrace the opportunities to allow your life’s journey help you to learn about yourself. The Angels can help with that also. JUST ASK!

Having an “attitude of gratitude” and being thankful to heaven and the Angels can also help you to receive even more blessings.

The Angels have been waiting for you !
Wishing you Many Angel Blessings!

Janet Jackson is a Healing Energy Specialist, a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Transcendental Meditator, an Angel Practitioner and Lightbody/Merkabah Activation Facilitator. Her private practice includes energy work for people and animals. She has also studied Healing Touch For Animals. Her healing experience and abilities have been enriched by her private animal practice as well as her volunteer work at shelters for dogs, cats, horses and farm animals. She teaches personal and spiritual growth classes/workshops at various locations including the Westmoreland County Community College in Greensburg, Pa. and The Energy Connection Creative Healing & Learning Center in North Huntingdon, Pa. Janet is available to bring workshops on various topics to your special group at your location. Janet communicates with the Angels to bring to you their good advice, support, and comfort. She does both private and public group work (Angel Readings, Angel Workshops, Angels Messages and more). For more information, Janet can be reached at (724) 547-7101 or by e-mail; or visit her Website

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