By Pam Alexander
Many of us are experiencing a change in the nature of our dreams. There are dreams that are challenging our present notions of who we are and what we can do. They are expanding our ideas of the nature of reality and what we have believed. It appears as though they are helping us move toward Christ consciousness, Oneness, and stripping away the veils of illusion. Those who didn’t remember their dreams in the past are beginning to remember them and those who have a habit of remembering are reporting a change in the types of experiences they are having in the dream state.

Facilitating recall can be as easy as setting ones intention before falling asleep, “I will remember my dreams when I wake up and write them down. ” Keep a pen and paper at your bedside and repeat the suggestion nightly. There are a variety of reasons why dreams may not be remembered such as a busy lifestyle, health issues, or nightmares, which may need to be addressed first.

Everything in the Universe is always moving toward wholeness, even though it may not appear to be, and so are we. Dreams help us to achieve greater health and wholeness personally and ultimately collectively. The dream source offers information regarding all aspects of our lives body, mind, and spirit to assist us in regaining balance and to come into alignment with who we really are. They are revealing who we are becoming and higher truth.

The dream source helps us by offering symbolic messages in the context of our dreams. It utilizes symbolism to get past the ego, which doesn’t want to know anything that might conflict with its existing view of life and oneself. The ego wants us to feel okay about ourselves. When something threatens that picture, which may not actually be accurate, the ego gets concerned and often rejects the information. Sometimes dreams require an interpretation of the symbols to discern the message.

Some of the dreams of who we are becoming may challenge our assumptions about life. We may walk on water, breathe under water, fly, time travel, manifest, and have out of body experiences. We may converse with ascended masters, avatars, or deceased relatives. Some are experiencing dreams of stepping out of the movie, off the train, and choosing the movie one wants to see (or live). They are suggesting that what we are experiencing, this movie, isn’t real. These don’t require much interpretation and are often fairly clear.

Most other dreams usually benefit from dreamwork. Dreams usually come to tell us something we don’t know. If you wake up and say, “Oh I know what that means,” there’s a good chance that there is more to the dream. They usually don’t come to tell us what we already know, unless of course, we aren’t listening and responding to the message. One method of interpretation is to look at the objects in the dreams from a symbolic perspective. You take several of the most significant objects or people and describe them briefly. Then you would take the statements and add, “I am” to them. Does this change your view of the dream and does it add clarity to the dream’s message?

This method is especially helpful in opening us to new ideas of who we are. The people in the dream, who are closest to us in real life, often are just themselves in a dream. The characters from our past, or who aren’t close to us, often represent aspects of us. The dream is saying essentially, “do you know this about yourself or your life?” The new perspective can be enhancing. We often project the disowned aspects of ourselves onto others. These are the things we don’t see in ourselves, the good and the bad. We do this individually and collectively as a nation, so dreamwork benefits us as individuals and ultimately on a global level as consciousness shifts.

Dreams can also come to us to alert us to emotions we aren’t aware of. When we have an experience and don’t express or aren’t aware of how we really feel, a dream may arrive to show us. Many times, especially with those we are closest to, we “don’t let them get to us,” but really they do. If emotions don’t flow, then they can create stagnation of energy within us. The dream comes to heal us by releasing the emotion, either in the context of the dream or through working with the dream upon waking. Sometimes we can release the emotion just by sitting with the dream. Then there are other times where more work is required, such as thinking of the dream and scanning the body to see where there may be discomfort. Focus your attention and breathe through the discomfort until it dissipates. Keep your awareness open for any thoughts that surface upon release and allow any emotion that arises to flow.

There are many other ways to work with dreams, but these are a few of the most significant and a great start.

Pam Alexander had a spiritual experience 21 years ago that started her on her journey inward. Dreams have guided her and facilitated her healing in body, mind, and spirit, which is the foundation of her offerings. She is an artist, writer, poet, and conducts private dream sessions. She can be reached at 724-238-5652 or swan333@verizon.net.

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