The Art of Creating – Using your ESP

A comment by Kathy Duffy

All of us have an “excellent smart part” (hereafter referred to as ESP). That is the place where we know what’s good for us, we realize what we must do and we even know how to go about doing it. However, sometimes something goes awry between the knowing and the doing. Well, lets face it, often something goes awry.

Common scenario: Here’s a big fat dose of self-sabotage wrapped up in responsibility, guilt, ambition, martyrdom, money, free coupons and a cut rate time share in Nervouswreckville…do you clamp your mouth shut and say, “no sir, not for me…I know my boundaries, I set my limits, and I’m not swallowing anymore”!?… OR do you drink deep from the beverage of woe and proceed to emotionally choke up, sputter around, flapping your powerless hands and exclaiming, “why does this nasty stuff always happen to me”? When it comes to making better choices, we override our ESP with alarming frequency and then hate ourselves in the morning. All those failed resolutions, all those broken promises, all those endless lists and at the end of the day we just wish we knew why this or that happened or didn’t happen. Giving up the authority to affect your life experiences (and reactions to them) is a most serious expression of self-sabotage.

I can’t tell you why you self- sabotage but I can tell you to stop it. Just stop it. Reclaim your power to do something, have something, be something you really want. Substitute the positive for the negative, always. Animate your resolutions, lists and promises by your own actions. Listen to your thoughts, listen to your inner voice, listen to your excellent smart part and just allow happiness. If you want happiness then you will more naturally and more frequently do what is best for you to achieve that state. If you believe in happiness, feel in joy, embrace gratitude and refuse, absolutely, to be defeated you will overcome, in fact, you will thrive. Create a positive wave for your life and then ride it out. It’s actually not so difficult once you get over the fact that you can create in the first place. Make this your New Year resolution. Create In 2008! Activate your ESP, you will feel much better.

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