The Energy of Awareness – The Light that Guides

By Kathy Duffy
As the boundaries of science have blended into the edges of metaphysics with the understanding of the principles of quantum physics, the definition of “energy” has been expanded into a non-physical, non-linear, timeless meaning. Within this new paradigm mind/body/emotion is flowing together, exchanging information (energy) to create new references as to how we can live our lives to the fullest. We are entering that Brave New World and in the dawn of this new millennium we are learning to blend ancient esoteric traditions with modern scientific, physiological practices in a science-referenced way that is somehow more meaningful and acceptable to the mainstream. Ancient knowledge is being translated into modern language and “energy” has taken on a new and vital life.

Our emotional selves have wonderful opportunities of expression. Our physical bodies have renewed empowerment. We are alive with the possibilities of our own multi-faceted value. With our new quantum sight, we view energy as thought or action; as a physical force; as a metaphysical metaphor; as an emotion or a spiritual expression; a healing force; a communication pathway; a field of experience. In fact, energy is all that and more. The dictionary defines energy variously as “vitality of expression; the capacity of acting; power forcefully exerted; the capacity for doing work”. The dictionary also offers us the synonym to energy is “power”. It is the power of energy and of how we use and exchange energy that has the potential to transform and expand our spiritual and physical selves. When we recognize and give value to how it moves in our lives, how it offers us balance and harmony, how it intimately affects us as individuals and collectively affects us globally, we become architects of our own human experience. In addition, because we are the creators and translators of all our experiences working in energy awareness gives us a guiding light to the inner workings of our truest selves.

There are abundant methods to get in touch with your energy awareness and to learn how to let it move within you. First is your willingness to move forward (and inward).

Methods of meditation, contemplation and prayer allow you to quiet the external world and encourage inner thought and guidance. Writing about your feelings in a journal helps define your needs. For some, experiencing body work such as therapeutic massage; movement; yoga; tai’chi can enhance these first steps by allowing you to see energy as physical as well as non-physical, and strengthen the communication between the expressions. As you become more familiar with your own inner landscape, you may want to seek out guidance in the form of literature, discussion groups, workshops or classes that challenge you to learn more about yourself. You may seek out a spiritual teacher or mentor. If it is your intention to become more enlightened, you will find yourself drawn to what you need. The energy of intention is at your service. Take some time to explore the possibilities open to you, find the light that guides you to your best and truest self.

Kathy Duffy is Director of The Energy Connection Creative Healing Center, and a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She is available for private, confidential sessions for guidance and encouragement. Call Kathy at 724-863-2309 or e-mail her at Visit her web site at

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