Psychological Reversal and the Emotional Freedom Techniques

By Dennis Sulava
The Emotional Freedom Techniques is an energy modality that is a combination of talk therapy and acupuncture, only you tap on specific point of the body, you don’t use needles. So as you hold something emotionally upsetting in your awareness you tap on the specified points which release the emotion from the mind and body. It is like tapping the delete button on a computer to get rid of something from the computer memory that you no longer want. The memory of the incident will still be there but the upsetting emotionally component will be gone.

Psychological reversal is a very common problem in our lives and we don’t even know that it is there. I am not talking about the common condition when our body’s polarity is out of order and we tap on the side of our hand to correct it. I am talking about a condition that Dr.Lindsay Kinney refers to as Secondary Benefit Syndrome, a condition where your subconscious mind perceives that it is better to keep the problem rather than eliminate it. Did you ever plan to do something but you just can’t seem to do it. Did you ever buy a membership to the gym but you quit going after the second visit? How long have you been planning to lose weight and you keep putting it off? How long have you been planning to start saving money for a rainy day? Many people won’t stop smoking because they are afraid they will get fat. If you want to do something, but you avoid doing it…most likely you are psychologically reversed on whatever it is. To put it plainly, you want to do it, and don’t want to do it all at the same time. Your conscious mind wants to do it and your subconscious mind has one or many reasons to stop you from doing it.

The subconscious mind responds to what we have programmed into it. From birth to the age of six our mind absorbs everything unfiltered as being true. So we then make many decisions for the rest of our lives based upon the opinion and observation of a six year old. If your subconscious mind for one reason or another believes that it is not safe to lose weight but consciously you want to, then Yoyo dieting is the outcome. If you lost a loved one or were in a car accident the last time you were at your perfect weight you subconscious mind could easily perceive that bad things happen when you are at your perfect weight. If your subconscious mind remembers your mom’s voice saying eat or you will get sick. You may feel sick every time you try to change your diet. This type of negative thinking can cause a Psychological Reversal for losing weight. There are a myriad of strange connections the subconscious mind can make that will stop you from doing what your conscious mind wants you to do.

I had a client who was starring in a community theatre musical. Two days before the show was opening she lost her voice. My wife, who was helping with the show, brought her to me to see if EFT could help. The body responds best to a statement that is true, so when we tapped the points saying “Even though my voice is gone and I now choose for it to come back,” nothing happened. After a few rounds of that type of tapping I changed the setup statement to “Even though I don’t want my voice to come back, I love myself.”

She protested and started to cry. Within a few rounds a faint voice could be heard. Within 30 minutes her voice was 90% back. What was causing the lost voice? While in Jr. High School she tried out for a musical and when she opened her mouth to sing nothing came out. So the subconscious mind took her back to that event and shut off her voice to avoid a repeated pain. While we were working with her voice we installed confidence and she sang better than ever on opening night two days later.

Psychological Reversal is a very difficult problem to over come by just talking about it. The energetic connection with the tapping makes a big difference. The tapping also helps to bring up the issues to the surface so that they can be dealt with. Of course this little article just skims the surface of this subject and is here for your awareness. If you want to learn more about Psychological Reversal just surf the web or get in touch with me.

Denny Sulava is a Level 3 EFT teacher and practitioner and has been using EFT to help people clear out disturbances in their energy system for close to seven years. You can contact Dennis Sulava by e-mail at or by phone at 724-339-0496. Visit him on the web at Watch for more EFT articles from Denny in the future.

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