Animal / PET Reiki

By Janet M. Jackson, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner
I believe that many animals are in our lives to teach us about unconditional love. They bring so much love, companionship and healing to our world. It is appropriate for us to return the favor by doing what we can to assist them along their life’s journey. The gentle healing art of Reiki is one way we can help them.

Reiki (pronounced Ray’ -key) is the Japanese word for “universal life force energy”. It is an energy that can assist the body in returning to a state of balance. This natural alternative healing method is becoming well known to lay people and the medical community because it is so calming, healing and nurturing. It is now being offered by trained practitioners worldwide. Reiki is a non-religious healing energy of pure unconditional love and light. It is somewhat similar to “hands-on-healing” with some exceptions. Reiki healing works on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

People are not the only ones that can benefit from Reiki healing. Animals are very responsive to Reiki. In fact, in many cases, animals are even more responsive to Reiki because they do not have belief systems and rigid mindsets like people. Therefore, they can easily accept the energy for what it truly is.

During my 11 years of practicing Reiki, I have seen some of the remarkable results it can have in lessening pain and illness (both physical and emotional) while creating a relaxation response.

Animals are very sensitive to fear, stress and discomfort. Therefore, when we are experiencing difficulty or a stressful time in our lives, our companion animals can feel it too. Sometimes they absorb the stress of a household and their energy fields can get cluttered with imbalance. Energy never dies, it just changes form. Therefore we can transform the discordant energy with Reiki by doing a number of different techniques; not only in our homes, but by doing Reiki healing on our animal friends.

Animals usually require a shorter Reiki treatment session than people. They allow the energy to flow through their bodies easily. This assists the body’s own natural healing mechanism to kick into gear to help bring the body into balance. Animals will walk away when they have had enough Reiki. They may come back for more a few minutes later, and they will always give you cues when it is time to move your hands if you’ve held them in one place too long. Their relaxation response is noticeable during a Reiki session as their eyes soften, the breathing slows down and the posture becomes soft and mellow. It is always nice to see how the animal’s eyes become brighter after the session. I usually see a noticeable difference in the flexibility and contentment of animals suffering from arthritis.

Reiki healing can help animals in so many ways. It can help you too. It is easy to learn.

Janet Jackson is a Healing Energy Specialist, a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Transcendental Meditator, an Angel Practitioner and Lightbody/Merkabah Activation Facilitator. Her private practice includes energy work for people and animals. She has also studied Healing Touch For Animals. Her healing experience and abilities have been enriched by her private animal practice as well as her volunteer work at shelters for dogs, cats, horses and farm animals. She teaches personal and spiritual growth classes/workshops at various locations including the Westmoreland County Community College in Greensburg, Pa. and The Energy Connection Creative Healing & Learning Center in North Huntingdon, Pa. Janet is available to bring workshops on various topics to your special group at your location. If you are interested in learning Reiki for animals or people, you can contact Janet by phone at 724-547-7101; by e-mail; or visit her Website

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