So What is EFT

By Dennis Sulava
The Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy healing modality with the potential for helping to repair many different disturbances in our energy system which surface as emotional and physical pain. Gary Craig from California is the developer of this technique which incorporates the understanding that we are energy beings. His premise is “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Not sure that it has limitations Gary says, “Try it on everything.”

So how is our energy system interrupted? For example let’s say Bill is 38 years old and afraid of spiders. Do you think he was born afraid of spiders? I don’t think Bill was afraid of spider until a disturbance occurs in his energy system that was connected to spiders. Now there is something that all children and babies are afraid of and that is loud noises or screams. So lets just suppose that little Billy, when he was very young was looking at a spider crawling on the floor when an adult or another child screamed or in a state of terror swept him up in their arms showing their own fear of the spider. Of course a similar disturbance had occurred in their life at one point. The real disturbance in Billy’s energy system is caused by the scream. Billy associated the spider he was looking at with the scream which caused a disturbance in his energy system. This may sound too simple but it is a real example of how simply and innocently a disruption in the body’s energy system might easily occur.

There are two parts to EFT. First, identify the issue causing the emotional upset or physical pain or weakness. Second, gently tap with your finger tips on well established acupuncture points as you hold that issue in your awareness. Exactness is most important when it comes to the core issue that is causing the energy disturbance. For instance in the above example you would start with the basic fear of spiders while you tapped the points. A phrase something like “Even though I am afraid of spiders, I love and accept myself” would get your energy moving. That phrase by itself, held in your awareness while you tapped may clear the energy disturbance that was causing a fear of spiders. If that phrase does not work by itself more discoveries will be necessary. These new discoveries usually happen while doing this technique. New thoughts are usually coming into your awareness as you tap. For instance the thought of screaming may come into your awareness while tapping. If that were the case then you might change the phrase to, “Even though I am afraid of spiders and screaming I love and accept myself.” When you get to the core issue that is causing the fear while you tap, the disturbance is cleared out of the energy system and the fear of spiders simply fades. In some cases people have told me they really don’t remember being afraid of the object of their fear. Many laugh and say “I feel silly that I was ever afraid.”

This of course is a broad over view of this wonderful technique. To learn more go to where you can download a free 75 page EFT book. For more information and class schedules you can contact Dennis Sulava by e-mail at or by phone at 724-339-0496.

“Great innovations when they appear seem muddled and strange. They are only half understood by their discoverer and remain a mystery to everyone else. But if an idea does not appear bizarre there is no hope for it.” -Niels Bohr-

Denny Sulava is an EFT teacher and practitioner and has been using EFT to help people clear out disturbances in their energy system for close to sixteen years. You can contact Dennis Sulava by e-mail at or by phone at 724-339-0496. Visit him on the web at

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