In Honor of Mothers Day… Things your “Pack Rat” Mother Never Told you

House Calls
By Amy Ross

Don’t finish that plate, the children in China aren’t really starving.

Just throw away those twist ties- I get a new one every time I buy bread!

Unless I am building a solar panel outside – I do not need those extra scraps of aluminum foil.

Don’t wash that Styrofoam plate – go use it as a Frisbee!

Back in the Depression we had everything we ever needed!

I don’t know what that thingamajig or those whatchamacallits are, just throw them away.

What is a darning needle? And who would use it?

I wont need that – EVER!

We’ll just buy your younger sister all new clothes she doesn’t need your old ones.

Here are my keys – right where I left them!

I toss out my magazines as soon as I am done reading them!

That garbage bag is only half full, but take it out anyway!

I didn’t keep any of those Mothers day gifts you made me they took up too much space!

I never heard my mother say these things… She did indeed keep all the Mother’s day cards I gave her through the years … and I got to read them all again when we cleaned out her house. The funny ones she would laugh out loud at and the sentimental ones she always hugged me after reading… T he house is for sale, I see her in every room with all her little piles around her… Gone are the twistie ties and bags of bags and TONS of old clothes… but the love of your Mother never dies and you hold it closer than you ever did before… as you see the old darning needle in your own sewing drawer…

Happy Mother’sDay!

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