Losing the Excess!

House Calls
By Amy Ross

The holiday season is behind us and Spring is on its way. Look around … Is your home feeling tired, overweight, & moody? House Calls is here to help you with diagnosing household ailments. We will chart out the best course of action, with the right dose of accessories, to achieve maximum results for a happy and healthy home.

Let start with your New Years Resolutions – are you sticking with them? Did you know that Losing Weight and Get Organized are the top 2 resolutions every year – well, often, the two are related – so lets give your home a healthy start and Lose the Excess! Your home will feel lighter and more energized you’ll be able to see the results almost immediately.

If you have fallen off your path to stick with it – DON’T beat yourself up, it always gets worse before it gets better – so dust yourself off and get back to it!

People are often overwhelmed by the tasks of organization because they look at the home as a whole. So of course, you want to quit before you even begin. Remember, starting any weight loss program, begin with baby steps; by changing the smaller aspects like, cutting out butter, drinking more water, adding exercise – but not a gym workout – just a walk around the block, then you add more as you go along.

Same with organizing! Don’t look at your whole house, but start with 1 room, and don’t look at the room as a whole, but 1 area like your bookshelves, one shelf, just your video collection, your closet, or even just a drawer. Feel good about that and move on to the next area. By the time you know it you will have the room complete and can tackle anything!

To achieve PEACE of mind with any organizing project
Pick your space – start small, 1 area at a time
Examine what you have – pull it all out and sort the like items together – Then ask yourself: Do I really need this ?
Accept what you must do – ask yourself: Is keep this worth keeping me from the life I want to live?
Clear out the clutter – Toss, Donate or Sell it – but get it out of the house to avoid temptation
Establish new habits – making the decisions to keep the clutter away and put things in their place
Enjoy PEACE of mind
We recommend future applications, to avoid symptoms from reoccurring. Because, Every room deserves the best design!

When you are in need of a House Call to help transform your house into your home, look for the next issue or e-mail your questions about, Decorating, Organizing or Preparing your home For Sale to Your, Body, Mind & Spirit.

Amy Ross is an Interior Consultant and owner of …Er Designs: specializing in Professional Organizing, Interior Redesign, Real Estate Staging, Move-In/Relocation Services, Color & Space Planning. For your personal space solutions call Amy: 724-575-2880 or Visit www.erdesigns4u.com

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