By Pam Alexander
I forgive you everyday For all that you do That arises from fear And isn’t really you

So empty your heart Of all that makes you blue Release all guilt and pain And all your sorrow too

As I have forgiven you I ask of you too To do the same for all others Who have somehow hurt you

Please always remember What we all wish to do Is to live from the heart And always be true

We all make mistakes And forget who we are We all walk the same road And can shine like the stars

The reason I sent you To that difficult place Was to demonstrate love And embody God’s grace

So please open your heart To those who hurt you And forgive each of them As I have forgiven you

Forgiveness releases the past Into the night It frees your soul’s love So you can radiate pure light

I’m so happy I sent you To the place that you are To be a guiding light And a brilliant shining star

To show to all others What I’ve now shown to you There’s nothing you could ever do To diminish my love for you

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