A Dialogue with Wisdom

By Kathy Duffy
Tell me which way to fall When all comfort seems to withdraw. When dry leaves pile up at the door. Where daisies used to grow before.

Give me direction, set my fate. In my disarray, I cannot wait. Subtle signs, they keep alluding me. I cannot trust, if I cannot see.

Oh yes, isn’t this a mess! Perhaps then, I can offer this, Within the tangles, wisdom glimpses, Surviving is the experience that convinces.

Do your best, do your part, Learn your spirit, set your heart. Hardship is self-directed grace, Falling forward propels you into faith.

Kathy Duffy is Director of The Energy Connection Creative Healing Center, and a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She is available for private, confidential sessions for guidance and encouragement. Call Kathy at 724-863-2309 or e-mail her at theenergyconnection@msn.com. Visit her web site at www.theenergyconnection.net.

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