Relax – You’re Making Me Nervous!

A comment by Kathy Duffy

Doomsday ahead? You are in danger! Mad Cow in every hamburger and Bird Flu in every chicken. McDonalds and KFC in a vast conspiracy with foreign interests to poison you, make you fat, and wreak havoc with scary clown guys and white haired finger lickin’ maniacs. China is behind it, don’t you think? Hey, don’t eat your Big Macs on “Chinette” plates, who knows what they are made of. Dog, maybe? Funny, not funny…you pick. All I know is that all this paranoia is making me nervous. I’m scared to eat anymore. I’m scared that I’m scared. I don’t like to feel at risk with every thing I eat and each breath I take. So, I’m going to stop it (worrying that is, not eating or breathing). Today, I stand up and say, I am willing to take my chances and put my faith in common sense and divine planning. With this strategy, I think I have my bases covered. Consider this scenario. Buy the best food you can, bless its source and have faith in your creator. Breathe the best air you can, bless its source and have faith in your creator.

And while I’m on the subject of worry… you alarmists, you know who you are. You guys are always sending out e-mail warnings about stuff. Crazy biker gangs and toxic dust mops. Killer bees and fire ants. Sure, they exist but do you have to remind me all the time? Its just makes me jittery. I know life is full of risks but jeez, I hate looking over my shoulder all the time anticipating the worst. And isn’t it all about attitude and perspective? Don’t we all know a benevolent biker and a mild organic cleaner? Do we not all love and appreciate bumblebees and how about those fascinating ant colonies? There are two sides, right? So let us look on the bright side, the side of living in a kind of joyful naiveté.

It’s a lifestyle choice.

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