Charkras – Wheels of Life

By Kathy Duffy

Historically, the identification of this energy began in Yogic tradition more than four thousand years ago. In Sanskrit, Chakra means “wheel” and it refers to both the shape, as in a chariot wheel, and to the symbolism of the wheel of time bringing celestial order and balance to the world. As a part of the subtle body, overlaying the physical body, the seven basic chakras correspond to the seven main nerve ganglia of the spinal column aligned from the bottom of the spinal column (root chakra) to the top of the head (crown chakra). In today’s language, we call them spheres of bioenergetic activity and they serve us in many ways. One of the important ways is the manner in which they act as processing stations of all our emotional, spiritual and physical experiences from birth to death. There are measurable levels of activity at the site of the centers as they perform the functions of communication stations from the outside world to the interior self. The implications of this basic functioning is vitally important as we struggle to understand ourselves and try to relate to our talents, conflicts, patterns, physical condition, attitudes, personal relationships and so forth. A negative life experience, even stress, can express itself by blocking the free flow of energy in one or more related chakras. The blocking or imbalance of energy will then affect physical functioning, thinking and feeling. Literally, the healthy body, mind and spirit depend on the balance within the chakra system.

Part of our journey, our job as human beings is to connect to ourselves, to each other and to the world at large. We begin to experience our life in the womb but we can’t always control the quality of our experiences at the early stages of our earthly existence. We are without the conscious choice or power to make our own decisions, direct our will or expressourselves very well. We usually begin our unconscious patterns from this “material”. As we grow and age, we seem to build upon the basic programming and if that programming is not healthy, we feel the impact in our quality of life. Our experiences are not simply locked in our physical brain or mind but broadcast into the energy system as well. And as we grow and age, we continue to download. Trauma, stress, loss, betrayal negatively affect our energy. Happiness, optimism, a sense of safety and trust have positive effects. One imbalances you, the other balances. The chakras, our wheels of life, help us move easily forward when they are balanced and healthy. However, if they are not, we can become stuck in a rut, wheels locked or out of kilter and the free flow of life force and the ability to connect that life force to happiness is disrupted.

Our chakras offer us an elegant system of interrelationship. Our conscious and unconscious patterns weave the threads that connect the outside to the inside and form the level of satisfaction with our life. There are many approaches to bringing your chakras into balance and harmony. If you treat this system with respect and honor its place in your holistic self, you will reap the rewards.

Kathy Duffy is Director of The Energy Connection Creative Healing Center, and a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She is available for private, confidential sessions for guidance and encouragement. Call Kathy at 724-863-2309 or e-mail her at Visit her web site at

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