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Jeanne Mozier

A Bright Star in the Field of Astrology

By Linda Harkcom,

With a new year upon us, many seek answers as to what to expect in the months ahead.

For years those who follow Jeanne Mozier of Berkeley Springs, WV have had a leg up on planning for their future.

Mozier is a popular speaker, appreciated for both her wide-ranging predictions and her ability to make the insights and information she derives from her study of the stars accessible to the general public.

Her degrees in political science from Cornell and Columbia universities as well as a professional background in research, planning and electoral politics, combined with her knowledge of astrology, give her the perfect background to analyze trends and make predictions.

She has practiced astrology for more than 40 years using it to analyze and predict social and political trends as well as applying astrological insight to individual lives.

But where and how she became interested in astrology came in a unique way.

"I learned Astrology in prison," Mozier said. "I was working in the D.C. prison system and a teacher came to talk to the women about astrology. The thing that amazed me the most was the women's reactions. They sat there riveted as he spoke and I thought this is really powerful stuff. I began studying astrology and I went from knowing nothing to being a practitioner in about six months."

Mozier said when making her predictions for the year, she looks at the passage of the planets from Jupiter on out because they take a while to pass through the signs.

"And then I love to look at the energy of the planet and what sign it's in and how the energy applies to issues associated with that sign. Then I go back two millenniums to look at times when that planet has been in this sign as to what happened during those time periods," Mozier said.

Saturn, she said, takes about two and a half years to transit through a sign.

"So it's really the preferred planet to look at the trends. It's always the major player in the energy," she said.

Additionally she also looks at how the planets relate to each other as well as astrological charts for the United States and other key countries. She then applies her knowledge gained from her degrees and years of experience when putting together her predictions for the year.

"I also use my extensive background to see how things fit together in the world," Mozier said. "This is how I was able to accurately predict the day the real estate bubble burst."

Over her 40 years she has had too many accurate predictions to list them all a few more recent ones include predicting over 13 years ago a greater focus on spirituality which has now become quite the norm and a few years ago she predicted zombies would be in the news. Within months of that prediction zombies became main stream from top television shows to news headlines.

Most recently, her predictions for 2015 included a correct prediction that interest rates would rise which recently happened for the first time in years.

She also looks at individual people who influence the world such as President Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

"I would look at their chart like I would look at anyone's chart. I do the kind of astrology that a policy maker would want," Mozier said.

She combines all of this information and predictions into an annual entertaining and informative lecture she calls "Oracles." Those who are lucky enough to attend the Festival of Light each year are the first to have the opportunity to hear her predictions for the year. The annual festival is held each November in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, WV, where Mozier and her husband own and operate the Star Theatre, a vintage movie house.

She also does her live lecture at various locations throughout Maryland and West Virginia. A complete list of her lecture schedule can be found on her website

There is no need to understand the inner working of astrology to reap the benefits of her insights. While she does use astrological jargon, she also explains everything in layman's terms so her talks can be understood by someone who knows nothing about astrology at all.

In addition to her annual lectures, Mozier is a "full service oracle." She occasionally offers one on one readings where she uses general astrological information as well as tarot cards, Nordic runes and palms to make individual predictions. These events are held at the Star Theater in Berkeley Springs. Details of these individual sessions are also available on her website and her Facebook page.

For those not fortunate enough to hear Mozier in person, "Oracles" for the year are captured in a lecture CD and Daily Predictions are posted on

This year's predictions are on two CDs. "Oracles 2016 - REALITY CHECK/TRENDS" Mozier talks about how our belief systems are tested and visions are challenged by illusion, deception and fear of failure. She explains how and when these energies influence trends in economics, the presidential election, consciousness, fashion, and most crucially, which vision succeeds. The 140 minute CD item is # 65 and is available for only $15.

In "Oracles 2016 - REALITY CHECK/PERSONAL," Mozier talks about how the trends and patterns of 2016 apply to the individual signs of the zodiac, plus she gives an outline of important planetary activity month-by-month. This 60 minute CD is Item # 66 and is also $15.

Both CDs are available for only $25 and can be ordered by sending payment to: Jeanne Mozier, 3041 Pine Grove Rd., Berkeley Springs, WV 25411.

For more information on Jeanne Mozier, who is also among other things an award winning author, check out her website

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